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Take up arms as Extremely Realistic Siege Warfare Simulator comes to Steam on September 8th!

Shanghai - 22nd August 2022 - Become the ultimate commander! Neverland Entertainment, an indie game production and publishing company, have today announced that Screambox Games’ wacky physics-based tactics game Extremely Realistic Siege Warfare Simulator will come to Steam Early Access on September 8th.

Extremely Realistic Siege Warfare Simulator sees players recreate or rewrite great battles and lead their own force in a fantasy medieval world. Gamers can build their arm and siege weapons and then select their troops for epic siege battles. Experience hand-crafted levels that require you to master all the skills needed to grow from a soldier into a commander in Campaign and Challenge modes. With PvP and PvE multiplayer modes, battle with your friends in local or remote online play.

“Creating Extremely Realistic Siege Warfare Simulator has been such a rewarding challenge,” said Guo Xing. “After three productive years in development our project has completely evolved into something we think players across the world will love. We are so excited to introduce a new host of commanders to the battlefield, hear their feedback and check out the creative ways people tactically siege each other!”

More information about Extremely Realistic Siege Warfare Simulator:

  • Fun battles built on lots of troops and real-world physics: Destroy castle walls with trebuchets, or send the cavalry to sweep across the battlefield! Prepare strategies, implement them and leave the rest to your soldiers.

  • Complex tactics, simple controls: Making surprise attacks, leading an army or storming a castle with battering rams may sound complicated, however the controls are simplified in this game. When preparing tactics, game time slows to give players plenty of time to strategize and input commands, leaving the hard part to your army!

  • Customize how you play: Enjoy more fun in the Multiplayer and Unit Possession Modes! Take to the battlefield from the perspective of a troop commander to engage in close-quarters combat any time you want - the final arrow shot from you may be what wins the war!

  • Sandbox Mode: When you grow tired of the campaign level, you can create new ones in the sandbox mode. This mode is to be improved in many aspects and we will continue to consummate it. In the future, we wish players can also share levels they create freely.

  • Multiplayer Mode: You can also fight with your friends or strangers in online multiplayer! PVE and PVP maps are available.

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