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Safe In Our World’s ‘Class of 2023’ Ambassador Programme Welcomes New Recruits

LONDON, UK – December 8, 2022 – Games industry mental health charity Safe In Our World is proud to announce that it is welcoming 25 new ambassadors from across the video games industry to its ‘Class of 2023’ Ambassador Programme, helping to amplify the charity’s message and improve mental health awareness in the industry and beyond.

Individuals from Jagex, Sumo Digital, Super Rare Games, Dovetail Games, Auroch Digital, and more – plus a number of streamers, content creators, and industry figures – have each joined the Class of 2023 Ambassador Programme, assisting with efforts to support the charity’s key activities and improve mental health awareness.

The Ambassador Programme, which is sponsored by TechRaptor, opened in October 2022. After receiving applications from over 175 incredible individuals, 25 games industry voices were selected to help with the charity’s endorsement.

The Class of 2023 ambassadors will work with Safe In Our World to amplify the charity’s message and core values through their own unique ideas and initiatives. Over the course of 2023, these talented individuals will be engaging with charity-wide activities, supporting fundraising efforts, representing Safe In Our World at events, and raising awareness through livestreams and social media content – all in the name of supporting mental health awareness in the games industry and beyond.

“We really want our ambassadors to come up with their own ideas and programs of activity, and they have already approached us with some incredible suggestions,” explained Rosie Taylor, Content & Community Manager at Safe In Our World. “From panel discussions, in-game design challenges, and Twitch events all the way to specific focuses on Black mental health, neurodiversity, and marginalised communities.”

“It was so very difficult to select just a handful of people from a pool of such amazing applicants,” commented Sarah Sorrell, Charity Manager at Safe In Our World. “We’re really excited to partner with such talented people and sincerely hope that anybody interested in joining the programme applies next year for our Class of 2024!”

The full roster of ambassadors joining Safe In Our World’s Class of 2023 includes:

Abram Buehner (He/Him) – Production Director at Lost In Cult

Adam Clewes-Boyne (He/Him) – Co-founder of BetaJester Ltd and Game Dev London

Alex Gate (He/Him) – Community Manager at Dovetail Games

Bardintheyard (He/Him) – Voice actor, variety streamer, Sidequest Twitch team member

Andy Macster (He/Him/Any) – Variety streamer with a focus on creating a safe space for marginalised people

Anni Valkama (She/They) – Marketing Coordinator at Super Rare Games

Ayiza (He/Him) – Lead Community Manager at Jagex for Old School RuneScape

BlushingCrafter (She/Her) – Content creator and mental health, accessibility / disabilities, and LGBTQIA+ advocate

Cherish Goldstraw (She/Her) – Studio Marketing Executive at Sumo Digital

Christopher Leech (He/Him) – PhD researcher in psychology, looking at video games and student mental health

Connor Cloughley (He/Him) – Twitch streamer and freelance Marketing and Community Manager in the games industry

Derbyy (She/Her) – Community Manager and streamer with a keen focus on inclusivity and positivity

TragicOnTwitch (She/Her) – Twitch partner, YouTube partner, Capcom Creator, and retro/variety streamer

Emmalition (She/Her) – Gaming YouTuber who wants to help others prioritise their mental health and avoid burnout

Harry Stainer (He/Him) – Marketing and community lead at Peregrine Coast Press

Jerreau Henry (He/Him) – Content Creator and Community Manager for BAME in Games (BiG)

JJ Fox (They/Them) – Indie Game Developer

Ghosti (None) – System content creator advocating for mental health and striving to end the stigma around DID/OSDD

Pastelbat (They/Them) – Content creator with a focus on mental health

LuceLoveLace (She/They) – Variety streamer and founder of More Vibes Please

Mark Flynn (He/Him) – PR & Community Manager at Numskull Games

Philadoxical (He/Him) – Variety gamer across both YouTube and Twitch

Silvia Gaetano (She/Her) – Communications expert with a decade of experience in social media, community, and player support

Tom Morgan (He/Him) – Developer with a desire to support others in their mental health through gaming

Whinnaay (She/Her) – Content creator using her platform to create an inclusive and encouraging space for visible minorities and LGBTQIA+ folks

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