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Kodansha Ltd. takes its first step as a game publisher with "FAMILY BATTLE 2vs2 ARENA"!

FAMILY BATTLE 2vs2 ARENA, released by Japanese publisher Kodansha Ltd. (representative: Yoshinobu Noma; based in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo), comes to Steam Early Access today, August 6, 2022, 12am JST / August 5, 2022, 8am PDT / August 5, 2022, 5pm CEST. Japanese publisher Kodansha Ltd., known for past works such as Sailor Moon, Akira, and Attack on Titan, is now venturing into the video game space. Kodansha Ltd. is also currently supporting the development of 21 other titles with release dates planned for the near future! Kodansha Game Creator’s Lab

The indie game creator support project known as “Kodansha Game Creator’s Lab” (GCL) was founded in September 2020 with the catchphrase, “Make up to 10 million yen a year to create the game of your dreams.”

Kodansha Ltd. has long taken on the responsibility of editor, partnering with artists across many genres to bring countless projects to life. This current plan of providing editors to assist in support roles with everything from game production to publishing, international expansion, and future game expansions was born from a desire to extend this same relationship to indie game developers as well. Kodansha Ltd. is undertaking a grand experiment to determine whether they are able to provide support for games in the same way they do manga and novels.

Thanks to the support of so many, we have already received more than 2,000 applications over the course of two recruitment campaigns and are currently working alongside selected creators on a total of 21 titles.

As of today, August 6, 2022 (JST), GCL’s debut title, FAMILY BATTLE 2vs2 ARENA, is finally available on Steam Early Access. Discussions between the creator and editor gave birth to an idea based on the universal theme of “family feuds.” The result was a game in which players divide into attacker and support roles in order to duke it out in 2v2 strategic action battles with an emphasis on cooperation. We would also like to thank artist Akeji Fujimura, known for his work on the popular action horror thriller manga As the Gods Will, for his wonderful work on the character designs and key visuals.


Choose your role! Attacker and Support pair up to duke it out in action-packed 2v2 battles!

You’ll have to rely on strategy and cooperation if you’re going to survive these epic family feuds!

・Release Date

Steam Early Access launches on August 6, 2022, 12am JST / August 5, 2022 8am PDT / August 5, 2022 5pm CEST

・Supported Platform

Steam Early Access


2v2 Co-Op Battle Action Arena

・Game Description

Karaage. Japanese fried chicken. Does one squeeze a lemon or drizzle mayonnaise over this tender, bite-sized delicacy? When presented with only a single plate, an argument over this age-old question results in an epic feud between the two rival factions of this super-powered family!

The theme is “family feud” in this 2v2 co-op battle action game. Teams are composed of two members, one Attacker and one Support. The Attacker’s main role is to charge straight into the fray, using their melee weapon to deal as much damage to the opponent as possible. The Support role prefers ranged weapons, and while they are unable to deal damage like the Attacker does, they are able to influence the flow of a battle with the various skills at their disposal.

Not only does every character have their own unique skills and fighting style, but each one can be used in either the Attacker or Support role. The eldest son, for example, is quite fast, making him a formidable Attacker. When used in the Support role, the grandfather possesses a skill which allows him to throw bouncing bombs that can restrict an opponent’s movements. Each character has a vastly different set of skills, so players will need to devise strategies that best complement their partner’s strengths if they are to be victorious. Remember, teamwork is key.

・Initial Character Introduction

Brother: Kuon

Calm and collected, he tends to take after his father. However, he talks a lot and has a somewhat cringe-worthy love of starting arguments on social media. For some reason, though, he has a hard time showing confidence when his sister is nearby. Kuon’s weapon of choice is his trusty laser gun. When it comes to karaage, he usually goes with neck meat.

Sister: Akane

Always overconfident, she is the most competitive member of the family. Still, she loves them all dearly and often dedicates poems to them on her social media. Her weapon of choice is a giant hammer. When it comes to karaage, thigh meat is her cut of choice.

Grandfather: Ryugen

Dedicated tinkerer and inventor. Although he holds a large number of patents, few of his contraptions are of the sort which actually benefit society. His weapons consist of various junk items and mechanical firearms of his own creation. When it comes to karaage, he’s all about the gristle.

Father: Kokushi

A typical day of work consists of battling against pesky sales quotas by utilizing his unmatched clerical processing skills. However, when the true fight begins, he enters the fray wielding the power of darkness. Due to his inability to properly express his feelings on the outside, within his heart lies a mighty tempest of human emotions. When it comes to karaage, he prefers wings.

Many more characters are planned for the future!

・Creator Profile

nekogameteacher (Yoshiaki Nakamichi)

Major past titles include SUPER DRINK BROS. and SPY RUMBLE. SUPER DRINK BROS. was released for Steam on November 13, 2020. After that, he was active on both YouTube and Twitch, posting videos and streaming content related to his game development. One such Twitch livestream event was centered on his attempt to develop a game within 48 hours titled Ultimate Super Powers Old Maid ~3 Days~.

Please check out his Twitter account!

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