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Early Access kicks off with the First Act of the campaign, co-op, and two multiplayer modes!

Larkspur, Calif. (April 19, 2022) - Prime Matter and Smilegate are pleased to announce that Crossfire: Legion – the real-time strategy (RTS) game featuring tactical action in furious battles across a shattered version of the near future – will be going into Early Access on May 24. Steam users can add it to their wishlist prior to that. Crossfire: Legion has you take control of a fearless army commander of one of three factions, Black List, Global Risk, or New Horizon, as they battle for supremacy across a wide variety of terrains and environments in both single and multiplayer campaigns. The Early Access build will allow players to access the entire First Act of the campaign and battle it out across co-op and two distinct multiplayer modes. Users can also compete for a spot on the multiplayer leaderboards and slug it out for the top. Players build their own customized army that will enable them to vanquish their enemies. But, as the old cliché goes, no plan survives the first engagement, so be prepared to think on your toes and adapt your strategy as the game progresses. It’s up to you to prove your strategic prowess on the battlefield.

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