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90’s Gadget Creator Retro Gadgets Now Available Via Steam Early Access

Bologna, Italy, November 30th, 2022 - Evil Licorice has today released their debut title Retro Gadgets via Steam Early Access. Available for £16.99, $19.99, EUR €19.99, the gadget-creation title lets players make, code, and customise their own gadgets and share them with the world. The first playable demo saw thousands of inventors make all sorts of devices, from fully playable portable consoles to functional MP3 players, and even 3D painting tools.

In Retro Gadgets, players make and customise their own gadgets, which they can code to bring to life before sharing with the community. Working in a tactile interface, tinkerers will press buttons, flick switches, twist dials, and move joysticks to build and interact with any gadget they can think of. The game features full Steam Workshop integration, letting players download, inspect and reverse engineer each other's projects to create their own versions.

Doubling up as an educational tool, Retro Gadgets lets players create their gadgets with full support for Lua code, including a documented editor. This enables gadgets to come to life, from video game consoles to live weather stations and calculators. Once built, creators can use their gadgets on their desktops while running Retro Gadgets. In the future, players and designers will be able to export their projects and use them individually as widgets on their Windows computers. Make a tool you need for your daily workflow in Retro Gadgets and export it for your personal use.

During Steam Next Fest, more than 30,000 players downloaded Retro Gadgets, making it the 15th most popular demo of the event. Creations such as a Tamagotchi-inspired gadget, a Game Boy-inspired retro portable console, a 3D viewer and even a code encryption device were created!

Retro Gadgets is out now in Early Access via Steam. Players can purchase directly on its official page, and stay connected via Discord and Twitter.

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