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Your Next Platforming Addiction is Here - Demon Turf Launches on PC and Consoles Today

Fabraz & Playtonic Friends Bring You The Dopamine Hit You’ve Been Looking For

Derby / New York, 4th November 2021: From the award winning team at Fabraz and Playtonic Friends - the team behind Yooka Laylee - Demon Turf is jumping, spinning and demon-attacking its way on to PC (Steam, Epic Game Store and GOG), PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One plus Series S/X and Nintendo Switch today! Built around a phenomenal control scheme, hybrid 2D/3D artstyle and a drive to give gamers ultimate flexibility over how they approach the games’ challenges, Demon Turf is full of charming, amusing dialogue from a cast of memorable characters with more side quests than you can shake a stick at. Fabian Rastofer, Game Lead on Demon Turf, commented “Releasing Demon Turf is a major milestone for everyone at Fabraz. We've come a long way since Slime-san and to launch such a large game on so many platforms, alongside Playtonic no less, gets us very emotional. We're very proud of this game, of this world we created, and we hope you have a good time with it!” “This is the one we’ve been really excited about for the longest time and was actually one of the first titles that made us consider creating our own publishing label to help teams like Fabraz do what they do so well” added Gavin Price, CEO of Playtonic Games and Playtonic Friends “There's just so much that we love about Demon Turf - from the art style and incredibly tight controls, to the in-built options for content creators and speed runners - for a game with such inspiration from classic platformers, it really feels so modern and fresh. We can’t wait to see what the community make of it” Demon Turf launches today on PC (Steam,Epic Games Store and GOG), Nintendo Switch, the Xbox family of consoles and Playstation 4 & 5 priced at £19.99, € 21.99 & $24.99

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