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YOLKED Will Bring Endless Amounts of Fun

A new mode and new effects are cooked up with these updates

Yolked's New Endless Mode!

Kentucky - April 13, 2022 | Hitcents and HardBoiled Studios are eggcited to announce their most eggs-travagant update for YOLKED yet, Eggless… I mean, Endless mode! These custom loops will repeat in random patterns providing a new and challenging experience each time you run. Compete against yourself and the internet for the highest score. Most eggcellent!

Inside the two big updates:

April 13th:

  • Endless mode: Custom Kitchen sections spawn endlessly!

  • More sound effects in the Attic

  • More sound effects for UI actions

  • 2 new Easter Egg costume collectibles!

  • Adjusted the difficulty in the Attic Lab section

April 27th:

  • New story elements in Kitchen and Attic

  • Improvements on Kitchen performance

Steam Page:

Hitcents - Site / Facebook / Twitter / Discord

HardBoiled Studios - Discord / Site / Twitter / Instagram

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