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Unleash Your Imagination On The Solar System In Astronimo On September 27th

Gateshead, United Kingdom - August 23rd, 2023 - Thunderful and Coatsink are delighted to announce that their interstellar platforming adventure, Astronimo, will be launching in Early Access on September 27. The new Astronimo trailer which debuted today at Future Game Show serves to spark the imagination by giving a hint of some of the creative possibilities that the game offers up for you and your friends. Wishlist Astronimo on Steam now.

Astronimo is a cooperative construction platform puzzler that takes you, and up to three others via local or online multiplayer support, out of this world and into a vast solar system. Providing expansive creation tools that combine with advanced physics that allow your creations to interact dynamically, Astronimo encourages you to come up with creative solutions to the challenges you face and work out how to get back home together. Start dance parties. Throw your friends into lava. Form a full band, or become a fish. Astronimo is all about having fun and sharing memories with friends, old and new.

While exploring the vast reaches of the galaxy, four Hypergiant Inc employees crash-land on a small uncharted planet and become hopelessly stranded there. In the hopes of reuniting with their fleet, players must use their imagination to solve puzzles in creative and unique ways, build rockets to visit other planets and work towards the ultimate goal of collecting enough antimatter to power a portal that will get them back home.

Astronimo takes platforming and customisation to the interstellar medium and beyond with its quirky, fun-filled campaign. Chart an entire galaxy that features three full planets with 20+ hours of content and discoveries aplenty. Early Access will begin with one planet and three mini moons to discover and explore, with new planets and mini moons being added via updates on the road to full release.

You can even take things a step further with customisation that stretches the bounds of your imagination on the World Editor from day one. The World Editor gives players tools to do everything from building their own challenges or creating a jungle gym to play in, up to crafting cutscenes, or even building and decorating whole planets to fill up a solar system that other players can explore. Once you're done, share your unique creations on Steam Workshop for the Astronimo community to see.

"We’re really pleased to show players more of Astronimo with our new trailer,” said Jimmy Whitemore, Lead Programmer at Coatsink. “It’s really exciting to be entering Early Access so soon on September 27th and we are bursting to see what crazy contraptions and marvellous worlds you can build!”

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