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UNDYING Releases Public Road Map and First Major Update

Undying, fresh off its successful Early Access launch, is now knee-deep into content and gameplay updates each week. Not only did we put out our free Halloween update last week, but we are putting another update out this week. Here is a quick video of what was added to the game this week. Also, we share what’s coming in our updates going forward with a new public roadmap.

While smaller updates will be coming every week - bug fixes, content adjustments and so forth - every month the Vanimals team will be putting out larger content updates with new features, content and so forth.


UNDYING tells the story of a mother trying to train her son in survival as the zombie infection overtakes her. In their final days together, the two must fight, scavenge supplies, and craft enough tools to get Cody safely to a new life. All the while building their last bonds as mother and son. Undying is now in Early Access for Steam and Epic Games Store. The full launch version will be available on Nintendo Switch, XBOX and PlayStation, Android, and iOS in 2022.

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