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UNDEFEATED: Genesis Unmasks at The MIX, Coming to PC, Console

OSAKA, Japan – Aug. 31, 2023 – UNDEFEATED: Genesis, the superhero action game formerly known as UNRESTRICTED from developer Indie-us Games, reveals its true identity and unveils a powerful ally today at The MIX Next. Chorus Worldwide, the publisher of the Coffee Talk series and A Space for the Unbound, will publish the game on PC with a console version in development for a 2026 release.

Attendees at this year’s Tokyo Game Show (Sept. 21-24) can go hands-on and get a taste of this unmatched power fantasy at the Indie Game Area in Hall 9, booth AT.

UNDEFEATED: Genesis serves as the followup and origin story to UNDEFEATED, a 2019 superhero game developed by three students, and downloaded by more than 1.8 million champions of justice. Now going professional at Indie-us Games, Genesis will serve as the first title in a trilogy of Unreal Engine 5 games paying homage to superheroes while telling an expansive story.

Go from everyday college student to a heroic force for good when a meteor strike transports you to another planet where gargantuan mutants wreak havoc. Awaken on this strange new world with incredible abilities far beyond humanity’s potential. Vow to wield these powers for good and unravel the myriad mysteries of these new surroundings. Why were you transported here? How did this once-thriving civilization collapse 500 years ago? How will you get home?

Fly around a vast world under the canopy of collapsed skyscrapers and overgrown cityscapes decorated by magical, floating debris. Defeat colossal aliens hell-bent on destruction. Grow ever stronger with genes obtained from fallen foes to attain powers like laser beams, freezing blasts, and massive shocks to forge a mighty, customizable hero.

“As we talked to Indie-us Games and they offered us the opportunity to publish UNDEFEATED: Genesis, we felt like we had unlocked superpowers ourselves,” said Shintaro Kanaoya, founder and CEO of Chorus Worldwide. “This game might not be like other Chorus titles you’ve played, but it’s part of our commitment to bring great games with original visions to the world, no matter the genre.”

“The reception to the original UNDEFEATED blew us away and affirmed our aspirations of making the superhero games of our dreams,” said Yuma Shinohara, Game Director at Indie-us Games. “While we have a long road ahead, we’re honored to work alongside Chorus Worldwide. We hope to see you at the Tokyo Game Show!”

UNDEFEATED: Genesis will be available on PC with a console version also in development for a 2026 release. To learn more about UNDEFEATED: Genesis, wishlist the game on Steam, visit the official site, and follow Indie-us Games and Chorus Worldwide on Twitter.

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