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Toontown Rewritten Gets 'The Last Laff' in Free New Update

'Sellbot Task Force: The Last Laff' arrives with oodles of new content for the nearly 20-year-old family MMO.

Richland, Washington – June 1, 2022 – Toontown Rewritten, a revival of Disney's Toontown Online, has released a major update for the nearly 20-year-old family MMO. The Cogs have launched a full-scale invasion of Toontown, and the Toon Resistance needs your help to defeat them in Sellbot Task Force: The Last Laff!

Sellbot Task Force: The Last Laff introduces a permanent expansion of new challenges for Toons to face on their quest to crack up the Cogs. Toons will need to grab their friends and band together more closely than ever before if they want to save Kaboomberg – the target of the Cogs' grand attack – from turning into a gloomy skyline of corporate skyscrapers. This update concludes the final chapter of Sellbot Task Force, a massive expansion originally released for Toontown Rewritten in December 2021. –

Key Features

  • Toontown's first interactive story mission to conclude the Sellbot Task Force saga

  • 20 New ToonTasks and rewards that extend the main quest line

  • The last Laff Boost – allowing Toons to reach a maximum of 140 Laff Points

  • New activities and cosmetics in the Hideout – a secret area for Sellbot Task Force recruits

  • Newly modernized interfaces, quality-of-life improvements, and balancing adjustments

Toontown Rewritten's new update is available now for free on PC, Mac, and Linux. More details and a full list of patch notes for Sellbot Task Force: The Last Laff can be found on our website. –

About Toontown Rewritten Toontown Rewritten is a free-to-play revival of Disney's Toontown Online. Create your own Toon and join forces to defeat the evil Cogs – corporate robots who want to destroy Toontown’s fun. Are YOU Toon Enough? Toontown Rewritten is an entirely free game, funded out of pocket by its volunteer team of fans. This game contains no subscriptions, advertisements, donations, or any other forms of revenue. Toontown Rewritten is not affiliated with The Walt Disney Company and/or the Disney Interactive Media Group.

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