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Timerunner - coming to PC today!

Today is a big date for every living being looking for artifacts hidden on the planet called Earth. As of today on the platform called Steam you can start playing with time. The travelers of Sicarius Studio have successfully landed and now you can join them in their latest game - Timerunner.

Take on the role of a stranger from another world whose goal is to collect mystical artifacts hidden on our planet. In this first-person shooter, you will have to visit Europe, Japan, Egypt, and many other places. However, it will not be an easy task, because hordes of opponents will stand on the way to success.

Timerunner will be released on a Steam on December 13th, 2021. It is a first-person action game that will focus not only on mind-blowing shooting mechanics with the support of the ability to stop time. The game will also check the players’ riddle-solving abilities. Time-stopping mechanics can be used not only to eliminate enemies but also to solve environmental puzzles.

After many months of hard work we can finally deliver a full version of Timerunner to the players. Working on it, creating the mechanics of time stoping and shooting was great fun and I’m happy we can share that pleasure with players” - said Samer Nabil Ahmed, from Sicarius Studio. „Timerunner is not a simple FPS like many others - to win you have to be creative and have quick decision-making skills. It’s so much fun to try and find new ways to play with the game”.

Timerunners is available on personal computers via the Steam platform. The premiere of the game is today, December 13, 2021. The producer is Sicarius studio, and the G-Devs studio is the game's publisher.

"Timerunner" can be bought on Steam from December 13, 2021. Play it now!

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