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The Watchmaker - Now available on Playstation 4/Playstation 5

The Game

The Watchmaker is an amazing adventure from Chilean studio Micropsia Games set in a pictures steampunk world of giant clockwork mechanisms where time has gone mad. Join Alexander, the tower's watchmaker, on his mission to return time to its natural course!

The Story

In The Watchmaker, a puzzle-filled adventure game, the player becomes Alexander. In his steampunk world made up of giant clockwork mechanisms, Alexander's routine consists of daily repairing his beloved clock tower by adjusting its mechanisms, greasing the gears and leaving every last piece flawless. And this is repeated daily. Discover the mystery of why Alexander ages so quickly.


  • Steampunk adventure-puzzle game that takes place in 5 huge scenarios.

  • Innovative gameplay that mixes exploration, puzzles, platforming and boss fights.

  • Interact with your environment and use artifacts such as magnetic gloves and time bombs to solve puzzles.

  • Unusual aging process that replaces the usual health bar.

The Watchmaker will arrive in physical edition in June 2022

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