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The Last Friend Now Available on Nintendo Switch

San Francisco - April 21, 2022 | Skystone Games is thrilled to announce that The Last Friend is now available on Nintendo Switch for a limited-time price of 50% off at just $7.49 (normally $14.99). Seamlessly blending both the arcade action of games like Streets of Rage with the strategical tower defense of titles like Plants vs. Zombies, The Last Friend quickly becomes a battle of man and canine standing stalwart against the end of the world. The Last Friend recruits a horde of super-powered dogs to help players drive back the violent mutants and gangs of the apocalypse in a fun, fast-paced hybrid of Brawler and Tower Defense.

Plus, in a special update for the Nintendo Switch version, families and friends can play through all of The Last Friend in 2-Player co-op mode. One player takes on the role of the red-headed Alpha, while the other gets to play as his faithful sidekick T.Juan in a hulking mechanical suit that would make Tony Stark proud!

You’ll work your way across a vast dystopian, wasteland rescuing dogs who will in turn help you save the world in your roving battle station of conversion van that would make Harry from Dumb and Dumber incredibly jealous.

The Last Friend is also available on PC via Steam and Epic Games.

The Last Friend Core Features

  • Tower Defense meets Brawler blends strategy with beat-em-up action

  • Combo-driven combat with special moves and powers galore

  • Dozens of Dogs to Rescue with powers that enhance your own

  • Over 50 challenging and replayable levels to master

  • Survive the wasteland in an upgradeable roving battle station

  • And yes… you can pet the dogs!

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