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Gavra Games announced today that the roguelite turn-based combat game Warriors: Rise to Glory will be fully released on Steam on January 20th for $19.99, €16,79, £15.50 with a 20% discount during its first week! This full released version of Warriors: Rise to Glory will have both the multiplayer experience as well as the single-player campaign all in the same package.

Warriors: Rise to Glory reaches its full release after a successful Early Access stage, during which the game has grown from its initial concept -- an accessible but surprisingly deep turn-based gladiator game -- to a much more ambitious game with both single and multiplayer features, allowing you to play 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2 or free-for-all battles where risks are as high as rewards. Featuring permadeath, every small decision counts: a faux step can get your warrior killed... but his lineage will carry on: your battle feats will make your house grow in riches and power, making your next warriors hit the ground running when they grab the torch from their fallen ancestors.


Warriors: Rise to Glory pits you against the AI or against friends and strangers in exciting 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, free-for-all battles, and co-op boss battles, with both single- and multiplayer modes. In this turn-based gladiator game, every decision counts to get you to the final victory – and don’t forget that you are fighting for the sick amusement of a bloodthirsty audience, so make sure they are having fun or they might turn against you…

With the spoils of your victories and the experience you will earn in combat, you will level up your skills to become a stronger and stronger warrior and be able to buy better weapons and armor. You will decide the fate of your defeated opponents: kill them to show everyone who’s the boss, or have mercy on them and spare their lives (humiliating them in front of thousands of people is perfectly fine, mind you!). But remember, the rewards you get will be influenced by your decisions.

Eventually, every warrior is bound to meet defeat at some point, you included. And in this game, death is permanent – the rewards are as high as the risks! But do not fret, for even if you perish in battle, your lineage will continue; and your house will grow more powerful as every new warrior contributes to its glory!


  • High Stakes, Over-the-top Brutal Combat: Crush other players’ skulls with a mighty axe, pierce their armor with a deadly arrow or kick them onto deadly traps all in the name of glory! Raise the stakes and bet wisely to win great rewards – but if you fail, you could lose your life, glory and all your gear!

  • I Was Born Like This, Seriously: Create your custom warrior with the craziest looks, and bestow him with the most ridiculous fearsome titles. You wanna be The Great Potato? Be our guest!

  • Settle Your Beef: Play online with and against your friends to prove once and for all which lineage’s brood really is peak of the pack.

  • Form Powerful Alliances: Keep your enemies close and your allies closer! Pick trustworthy and strong allies to execute a winning strategy in battle…but trust no one – alliances are fragile…

  • Level Up: Gain experience and level up your warriors with better weapons, armor, stats, and skills to pass down for generations to come.

  • Battle Your Way: Prove your strength in a 1 v 1 battle, team up in a 2 v 2 battle or co-op boss battles, or take on the world in "Free for All" combat.

  • Are You Not Entertained?: Boost your favorite warrior’s lineage, hype up the crowd and rally them to your advantage or line your pockets by betting on a game of chance at the local tavern.

  • Roguelike Gameplay: in Warriors: Rise to Glory Multiplayer once a warrior is dead, he is dead, however, the house they built will remain solid and upright for future generations.

  • You Are Judge, Jury, and Executioner: As the all-powerful and superior warrior in a deathmatch, you decide the fate of your fallen foe – to kill or to humiliate? Each decision has its own reward.

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