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Shooty, Slashy, RPG Game with Unique Letter-based Gameplay Set For Nintendo Release June 10th 2022

Ampersat is a shooty, slashy, RPG-y game mixing old-school/retro and modern sensibilities. A blend of influences from Gauntlet and Smash TV to Zelda and a dash of Angband, this is a handcrafted adventure with much appeal to fans of Roguelites. A labor of love from a solo developer, Ampersat distills some favorite childhood gaming experiences into a fresh, fun hybrid that sees you killing a lot of monsters, finding a lot of loot, freeing captured letters (um, what?) and growing from a world-weary warrior mage into a powerful smashing/blasting machine!

Main Features

  • 50 handcrafted levels, many with exploration and light puzzles

  • Optional endless procedural area

  • Original gameplay elements based around freeing and capturing letters

  • Flexible character progression with extensive skill tree

  • Hundreds of unique pieces of loot to find, buy, sell and augment

  • Upgradeable town hub

  • Tackle stages in the order you choose

  • 50 unique creature types, 10 bosses

  • Drop-in local co-op

Released Dates:

Steam: May 6th 2022

Nintendo Switch: June 10th 2022

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