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Shadows of Hyrule Arrange Album by ROZEN Now Available

SEATTLE - OCTOBER 7, 2022 - Artist ROZEN is pleased to present Shadows of Hyrule, a dark fantasy take on The Legend of Zelda series. The album follows ROZEN's smash hit "Hyrule" albums, Sins of Hyrule, Ballads of Hyrule, and Children of Termina, but comes as his most somber and immersive journey yet, taking listeners through a Hyrule in despair. Shadows of Hyrule tells the legend of a fallen hero who is brought back to banish the shadows dwelling within the realm of lost souls. A perfect Halloween accompaniment and inspired by the Souls series, the album is available on digital storefronts and streaming platforms today along with CD and vinyl edition pre-orders:

Shadows of Hyrule on All Storefronts

"Heavily inspired by the dark fantasy genre, I wanted to create a concept album featuring The Legend of Zelda in the style of the intense and brooding music FromSoftware's games like Elden Ring are known for," reflects ROZEN. "This new entry in my 'of Hyrule' series is reminiscent of the same dark tone from Sins of Hyrule and Children of Termina. This is an album, more than my others, that demands listening in its entirety to experience the full story properly."

The vinyl edition available for pre-order today will come as a limited edition 2xLP with 180g black + blue "shadow" variant, an 8-page booklet with liner notes, lore, and illustrations, a tribute-fold jacket embossed with silver foil detail, and high-resolution cover art by Nine Is.

The full track list for Shadows of Hyrule is as follows:

  1. Those Who Hold the Fate of the World in Their Hands

  2. The Decline of Hyrule

  3. Forlorn Hero

  4. Sanctuary Dungeon

  5. Fires of War

  6. Forest Temple

  7. Gerudo Valley

  8. Light Spirit's Elegy

  9. Song of Storms and Flames

  10. Awaken the Dragon

  11. Hyrule Castle

  12. Serpent Dragon Dinraal: Aspect of Din, The Corrupted One

  13. The Divine Princess

  14. Transcendence

  15. Shadows of Hyrule

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