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Save feudal Japan with Chronicles of 2 Heroes in 2022

Catness Games will publish Chronicles of 2 Heroes, an action-platformer set in feudal Japan, in 2022. Developed by the Italian studio Infinity Experience, this indie with some Metroidvania elements and 16-bit aesthetics will come to PC, Switch, PS4, PS5 and the Xbox ecosystem. This game shines for its gorgeous pixel-art and a soundtrack featuring award-winning Eric W. Brown (The Messenger, Sea of Stars). Soon on Kickstarter, Chronicles of 2 Heroes stands out for a very special mechanic: you can switch between the protagonists in real-time! Each one has unique, surprising combat styles that you can switch and combine at will. And you will have to if you want to save feudal Japan from the tyranny of Empress Imiko.

Between 400 and 600 A.D., Amaterasu’s wrath dragged feudal Japan into a time of wars, famine, and epidemics. Her disciple, Empress Imiko, rule over Japan with an iron fist and imposes terror with her mighty army. All hopes rest on two siblings: Kensei the samurai and Ayame the kunoichi. The first is fearsome with his katana, while the second is fast and lethal. Together they must reach the imperial capital of Osaka to steal the source of the empress's power: the three sacred treasures. It will be a true challenge as they will have to defeat yokai, ronin and even Amaterasu herself. Chronicles of 2 Heroes promises old-school action, up to 20 unlockable skills, and 8-12 hours of playtime. A playable demo is already available on Steam and

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