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Sam & Max Save the World vinyl soundtrack available today

Skunkape Games -- the team of former Telltale developers now responsible for the care and feeding of the Sam & Max episodic games -- has released a vinyl collector's edition of the Sam & Max Save the World soundtrack, available today from

Listen to Jared Emerson-Johnson's acclaimed jazz score the old-fashioned way with this classy three-disc vinyl. All of the key music from the six-episode first season of Sam & Max adventures is included, neatly packaged in a trifold case featuring cover artwork by Sam & Max creator Steve Purcell.

What's that? Two hours of music isn't enough for you? You intend to lock this beauty up in a display case, never to be marred by a needle? Luckily each vinyl purchase comes with a free Bandcamp download of the extended digital soundtrack, which includes bonus cutscene suites and a few other tracks we couldn't squeeze onto the LPs. Everyone wins!

The Sam & Max Save the World vinyl soundtrack retails for $40 USD plus shipping. For holiday delivery, we recommend ordering by December 14 for shipments within the US, or by November 25 (Africa/Central America) or December 2 (all other countries) for international shipments.

Sam & Max -- also known as the Freelance Police -- are an irreverent dog and rabbity-thing crime-fighting duo who have left an indelible stain on pop culture for the past thirty-five years. Remastered versions of their first two seasons of episodic adventures, Sam & Max Save the World and Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space, are available on Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, and

For more details and store links, visit

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