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Lesquin, 6 April 2023 – Inhabitants of Reverie, it's time to stand against the Nightmares that assail you. We are the Ravens, and we have assembled the heroes of legend to lead the counterattack. The Ravenswatch is going forth to seize the Dark Hills from the claws of the Nightmares that stole them from us. As soon as you join the Ravenswatch, you will begin writing the next pages of our history by cleansing Reverie of corruption!

Today the Ravenswatch is made up of 6 famous heroes with diverse, complementary skills that they can use to overcome enemies that get in their way:

  • Scarlet, Little Red Riding Hood, who has become the werewolf that she once fought against.

  • Franz, the Pied Piper of Hamelin, whose magic pipe lures hordes of rats.

  • Beowulf, the Goth warrior-king, accompanied by a dragon whelp.

  • Nyss, the Snow Queen, who can freeze her enemies and slide across the battlefield.

  • Aladdin, the thief whose wishes can turn the tide of combat.

  • Melusine, the siren who can control a devastating orb.

4 additional heroes are on their way and will join the ranks of the Ravenswatch in the coming months.

The lush lands of Reverie are no longer as they once were. Corrupted by the Nightmare hordes, they are now home to the most fearsome enemies. Be on your guard, for arduous combat awaits:

  • Set off on a quest alone or with the help of 2 or 3 companions. Choose them with care, for they will be your sole allies.

  • But thanks to Revive Feathers, you no longer fear death, and you can learn from multiple defeats.

  • The Nightmares adapt to your presence. They transform their environment and reorganise their troops each time you make a fresh attempt.

  • During your journey, you will encounter powerful enemies, perilous caverns, inhabitants in distress and jealously-guarded treasures.

  • Your bond with each of your heroes intensifies with time, giving you access to new skills.

  • Each experience you acquire and each treasure you uncover makes you stronger. Put your discoveries to good use to create new synergies with your teammates.

  • Within each region a particularly ferocious Nightmare reigns supreme. You must defeat it by hook or by crook before you continue your adventure.

  • To defeat the Nightmares, you must vanquish 3 corrupted regions.

  • If ever the terrors no longer freeze your blood, you can set off in search of enemies that are even slyer, tougher and more powerful.

Accept these terms and sign with your blood to become the worst scourge of the Nightmare hordes today. Join the Ravenswatch!


Ravenswatch is now available in early access for PC only and includes 6 playable heroes and the first chapter. Ravenswatch will be updated regularly with 4 new heroes and the next two chapters until it is released in 2024 on PC, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch™.

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