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PuPu's Adventure Park Gives Guests a First Look Inside the Game with Steam Next Fest Playable Demo

Launching in Summer 2022, Plum Tree Games Gives Players a Sneak Peek at its Upcoming PuPu vs. Goblin Simulative Adventure.

21 February, 2022. Plum Tree Games and Pixmain are opening up the gates to the upcoming park simulator adventure title, PuPu's Adventure Park, for an exclusive demo for the Steam Next Fest.

Available throughout the Steam Next Fest, you can download the playable demo here:

PuPu's Adventure Park is the most entertaining yet 'oppressive' simulation park players have ever seen, where they will be tasked with managing the PuPu clan (essentially slimes) to build an adventure park from the ground up. After taking a land lease from the Dark Goblins, players must manage the park, attract and engage heroes that are visiting the park, make sure the park's facilities line up properly and last but not least, keep workers happy. In order to finally break free from the Dark Goblin's control, players must grow their clan to expand their park in hopes of a mass rebellion.

BuBu, the game producer says Our team has always loved simulation and survival style games. In these games, we normally encounter the high and mighty warriors/heroes and the weak and meekly slimes. PuPus are a clan of slimes, we actually thought that for once...maybe we could turn it around and tell the story from their side. So instead of winning by force or physical strength, is there a way to realize one's strength through wisdom, hardwork, and unity...the way our game unfolds! We want to create a game that is full of love, joy and parts that can also showcase the best parts of our own gaming experience.

Game features include:

  • Manage the adventure park, staff and assign capable PuPus to run newly-built facilities.

  • Design the park by catering to the heroes demands, offering a variety of attractions will allow players to earn rare items they can exchange for upgrades.

  • Run efficient park operations to expand the clan. Unlock special facilities like Weapons Shop, Grocery, and Tailor's as well as special customers .

  • Grow the clan and regain power to rebel against the Dark Goblins

Follow us on Twitter and Discord to get official release updates about PuPu's Adventure Park, coming to PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android.

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