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Prytania Media Founders Reveal Two Additional AAA Studios

New Orleans, Louisiana USA — August 16, 2023 — Jeff Strain (co-founder ArenaNet, co-founder Undead Labs, Crop Circle Games, Possibility Space, co-founder and President of Studios, Prytania Media) and Annie Delisi Strain (co-founder Undead Labs, Crop Circle Games, Possibility Space, co-founder and CEO Prytania Media) are delighted to publicly reveal two AAA additions to the Prytania Media family of studios.

Fang & Claw is creating the next evolution of fantasy combat sports for the rapidly growing competitive-play market. With a $3M seed investment by Transcend Fund, the studio is built around a veteran team including:

• Jeremy Gaffney, Studio Head (co-founder of Turbine Entertainment, Sr Director at Blizzard Entertainment)

• Fleur Marty, Executive Producer (Executive Producer at WB Games Montreal)

• Chris Venturini, Creative Director (Animation Director at ArenaNet, Gameplay Lead at Undead Labs)

• Horia Dociu, Art Director (Studio Art Director at 343 Industries and Sucker Punch Productions)

• Ben Scott, Technical Director (Technical Director and CTO of Undead Labs)

Dawon Entertainment joins Prytania Media as our first announced emerging-markets studio, based in Bangalore, India. Led by studio director and award-winning game designer Whitney Beltrán, Dawon is building culturally focused games by Indian developers for Indian players, embracing India’s captivating folklore, art, music, and cutting-edge technology sector.

Fang & Claw and Dawon Entertainment join sister studios Possibility Space and Crop Circle Games in the Prytania Media studios imprint.

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