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NES Action Shooter Copper Jacket Fully Funded on Kickstarter

One week left to end the campaign

Los Angeles, CA –December 9, 2021– The Kickstarter campaign by Indie game developers Monsoon Studios to fund Copper Jacket a brand new game for the NES has reached its funding goal and will end in one week. Thanks to the support of 175 backers, Copper Jacket is now 137% funded with $12,000USD for an initial goal of $9,000USD! The game has been completed and working physical prototypes have been produced.

Copper Jacket is an action-shooter NES game that supports 1-2 simultaneous players. This is a challenging game, so be ready for a fight! In Copper Jacket, your former boss (Commander Zaslavsky) has kidnapped your wife-to-be in an attempt to make you do his dirty work. Your mission is to defeat this sinister commander and rescue the love of your life.

Step into the action packed game as a renegade combat expert who sports a military grade rifle and carries with him a lot of heavy bombs.


  • Up to 2 simultaneous players

  • 5 worlds -- 13 levels in total

  • Lots of enemies

  • World Bosses

  • Upgrade weapons

  • Short cut-scenes between worlds

Additional Information

  • Kickstarter

  • Studio Website

  • Twitter

  • Facebook

About Monsoon Studios

Monsoon Studios is a game development company located in Southern California. We put a focus on developing retro games. Our mission is to revitalize game systems prior to the year 2000.

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