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Be the ultimate NERF legend in this fast-paced FPS featuring an exciting story campaign and online multiplayer for up to eight players!

MINNEAPOLIS — Nov. 19, 2021 — NERF Legends, the new first-person blasting game inspired by Hasbro’s iconic NERF toy line, is out now on PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam for £39.99. Gear up and battle with a wide array of authentic NERF blasters in this action-packed experience featuring a thrilling single-player story campaign plus intense online multiplayer for up to eight players.

NERF Legends is a fast-paced, high-energy FPS that lets you experience NERF like never before. Blast your way through thrilling combat arenas, take on a diverse range of blaster-wielding opponents, and show off your skills with high-flying trick shots. Take on single-player story mode and compete with friends in online multiplayer action to become the ultimate NERF legend!


  • Intense single-player campaign featuring a variety of extreme enemies, boss battles and challenges across 19 out-of-this-world locations.

  • Pull off amazing trick shots with 15 authentic NERF blasters from the Mega, Ultra and Elite lines, including new releases from 2021!

  • Supercharge your blasters with power-ups like magnetic pull darts, push darts, seeker darts, and slow darts to change the tide of battle.

  • Customize your character and blasters with upgradeable perks and skins.

  • Online multiplayer featuring 4v4 team-based and 8-player free-for-all modes lets you test your blasting skills in exciting matches against friends and rivals!

NERF: Legends is published by GameMill Entertainment and is being distributed in the UK and selected European territories by Maximum Games. For more on NERF Legends, visit

For an even deeper experience, NERF Legends’ Digital Deluxe Edition includes the “Alpha Pack,” which brings you expanded content not included in the base game, including:

  • The Elite 2.0 Echo CS-10 blaster in both its true-to-life blue-and-orange color format, plus four additional color variations for those who dare to be different

  • The Elite 2.0 Phoenix CS-6 blaster fully decked out with scope and five optional color variations

  • The Alpha Suit, a sleek new outfit to add to your customization options, complete with 10 different color variations

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