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NEOWIZ Unveils An All-New Brown Dust 2 Trailer Showcasing Four Main Characters

SEATTLE - November 29, 2022 |NEOWIZ, one of the world’s most respected game publishers, is pleased to reveal an all-new trailer for Brown Dust 2, the thrilling sequel to the award-winning turn-based RPG Brave Nine. Currently being prepared for a 2023 launch by GAMFSN and NEOWIZ, this exciting new trailer offers fans a peek into the world of Brown Dust 2 and a chance to meet the four main characters. Viewers’ curiosity is piqued by the portrayal of scenes across time and space that include various themes, including High School Fantasy, Post-Apocalypse, and Spy & Action.

Brown Dust 2 is an upcoming high-end 2D mobile game that immerses players in a fantastic and beautiful world packed with nostalgia. Today’s trailer will tap into players’ wistful memories of days gone by inspired by a modern take on the console cartridge system. Viewers of the trailer will be introduced to three main “cartridges,” each of which features a character’s exciting journey through the multiverse. These “what if” scenarios offer viewers a unique experience that clearly separates the action within each character’s main story arc.

The trailer also features a dynamic soundtrack reminiscent of yesterday’s most famous spy films. The music wraps itself around thrilling gameplay action from each of the four main characters: Justia, Lathel, Schera, and Gray. Costuming further entices viewers alongside beautiful backgrounds that illustrate the notion of traveling through time and space.

Fans are invited to visit the Brown Dust 2 site to learn more about the game and to keep tabs on updates as they arrive.

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