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NEOWIZ’s DJMax Respect V Surpasses Four Million Downloads on Steam and Xbox

SEATTLE - February 21, 2022 |NEOWIZ, publisher and developer of fan-favorite PC and mobile games, is dancing with delight thanks to over four million downloads of its hit rhythm game DJMax Respect V since its early access launch in 2019. While the Steam and Xbox phenom has scored a million downloads on its own, the number has risen to over four million cumulative downloads of the base game and its subsequent DLCs, including “Collaboration” and “V EXTENSION.”

This amazing game has spawned a strong, dedicated, and enthusiastic fan base since its retail launch in 2020. The community is so enthralled with the intense beats and fun, colorful graphics found only in DJ Max Respect V that NEOWIZ will soon launch a unique music label called “Rocky Music.” This new label will include the recently released “TIC! TAC! TOE!” tune, and future plans include albums and videos showcasing the intense music and charms of the characters in the DJ Max Respect V world.

Executive Producer Seung-cheol Baek, a.k.a. “Dexter” said, “I think DJMax Respect V’s achievement of four million cumulative downloads is the result of recognizing the musical fun and quality of the game. We are preparing to establish “Rocky Music'' and hope everyone will be looking forward to seeing it come to fruition.”

In celebration of these impressive milestones, NEOWIZ will treat the DJ Max Respect V Steam community to new song updates, emoticons, plates, and DJ icons. For those looking to get in on all the action, NEOWIZ will also offer DJMax Respect V at a discounted rate soon.

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