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NEOWIZ Announces Pre-registration Event for Its Upcoming Mobile Game “Idoly Pride”

SEATTLE - April 5, 2023 | NEOWIZ, publisher of critically acclaimed mobile, PC, and console titles, and developer Qualiarts are pleased to announce that a Google Play pre-registration event has kicked off for its next hit mobile title, “Idoly Pride” based on the fan-favorite anime of the same name. Idoly Pride is primed for launch in 170 nations via Google Play very soon, with the App Store version to come shortly after. Everyone is invited to pre-register for this awesome new game here.

After launch, players who log into Idoly Pride within its first month will unlock exclusive rewards, including the “Global Limited Edition 5-Star Mana Photo,” 3,000 Red Diamonds, 30 Casting Tickets, and more.

‘Idoly Pride’ is a Japanese idol-themed multimedia project produced by CyberAgent Group, Music Rain, and Straight Edge. You become a manager and nurture them to be the best idols in the world. It’s a mobile role-playing game (RPG) that offers enjoyment to anyone. It features sophisticated 3D Live performances, along with voice acting and singing by renowned voice actors.

Eager fans are invited to follow the Idoly Pride mobile game social media sites to keep abreast of news, release schedules, and events. NEOWIZ has opened official channels on Discord, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to provide the latest information about the game.

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