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Narrative Sci-Fi Story Lightracer Spark Launches on Steam this Spring

Shenzhen, China - January 19th, 2023 - Smartmelon Games is bringing its sci-fi narrative potboiler Lightracer Spark to Steam this Spring. The follow-up to its acclaimed mobile hit, Lightracer Ignition, which has 5.5M players all over the world, and won for Best Mobile Game in IndiePlay China 2020, Lightracer Spark offers an all new intergalactic adventure of advanced civilizations deciding the fate of the universe.

Part visual novel, part management sim, and part RPG, Lightracer Spark puts you in the role of an advanced being called the Amender, who has descended to various extraterrestrial worlds. Here you must make choices to guide various civilizations to prosperity… or stave off their progress, should you desire. Accumulate strength through your decisions, break through the shackles of time and space towards the center of the universe, and grasp the rise and fall of all civilizations!

Players will manipulate territory on the planet Originum, as well as building celestial projects around the world. By managing resources and influencing the landscape, you’ll greatly affect the way the planet’s inhabitants evolve and progress.

In addition to forging the evolution of a singular planet, you’ll also be able to make deals with highly advanced civilizations. Through a technology called “Worldline Switching”, you’ll be able to travel to the center of the universe and confront powerful civilizations that affect the laws of nature… or ignite new sparks in the dark depths of space.

Those who would like to get a taste of what Lightracer Spark has in store can try out the free demo now available on Steam.

"We’re all fans of classic sci-fi, so we wanted to tell a tale of cosmic proportions, full of mystery and wonder,said Dequan Zheng, the CEO of Smartmelon Games.We were thrilled by the reception Lightracer Ignition received, and we were far from done with this saga. Lightracer Spark offers an even more expansive sci-fi story, with more choices, deeper mechanics, and new intergalactic enigmas to unravel.

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