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Lumberjack's Dynasty Cuts Through To Consoles - new Trailer available

Start your chainsaw! The woodland life sim is releasing on PlayStation & Xbox on 30th of June!

Oberhaching, Germany, June 15, 2022 - Forestry life sim Lumberjack’s Dynasty is officially heading to consoles later this month. Marking the occasion with a brand new trailer and set to launch on June 30 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for €29,99, players will have the opportunity to live out their lumberjack fantasy.

Retreat from the bright city lights and enter the serenity of the forest in Lumberjack’s Dynasty. This unique life simulation game allows players to take on the role of a lumberjack who is new to this way of life. The game starts off with the player managing a run-down logging camp in an effort to restore it back to its former glory. Get behind the controls of heavy logging equipment to manage forests, harvest prime timber and produce high-quality lumber among other products for sale.

Set to launch on June 30th across PlayStation and Xbox platforms for €29,99, players can learn more about the series as well as other Toplitz Productions titles by following their social media.

Key Features

  • Unique mix of forestry, logging, and life simulation

  • Quest driven story line with a large open world to explore as you harvest timber and grow your business

  • A wide variety of individual characters to interact with

  • Gameplay that adapts to your burgeoning dynasty - offering new tasks to complete as your lumber empire grows

  • Skill system – learn and improve your skills to become better and more efficient

  • A dynamic economy with different products and varying prices

  • Control heavy machinery and vehicles - licensed vehicles from major manufacturers are available for you to purchase, use, maintain, and repair

  • Manufacture and sell logs, planks, bark, and other wood products

  • Repair, rebuild and expand your home and buildings

  • Take a rest from your lumberjacking and take part in other activities such as fishing, growing vegetables, collecting fruit, harvesting honey and cooking delicious meals

  • Earn social points and money to expand and develop your business

  • Find a wife and raise a family

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