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Little Bug with the new trailer and release date on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S!

Together with Buddy System, RedDeerGames announced Little Bug's release date for Switch and Xbox consoles. The premiere of this adventurous platformer is set for November 26th. The game was previously released on Steam, where as of now, it has 96% of positive reviews!

"Little Bug promises "simple controls, complex mechanics" and they delivered." - 8/10 from IGN Southeast Asia

With the announcement, we can see how the game presents by watching the trailer below:

About Little Bug Play as Nyah and her light companion at the same time. They share an incredible bond that allows a little girl to swing and jump high, destroy obstacles, defeat dangerous demons and light the path that leads to secret areas. Help Nyah escape from the nightmare. She’s an eight-year-old curious little girl with great imagination who suddenly dropped into a dark, hostile world while walking home from school. Explore an atmospheric dreamlike fantasy world and try to get to the hard-to-reach spots with the help of your bright friend. Collect items with fragments of Nyah’s life in her lunchbox and piece together her story. Decide which treasures you want to keep on your journey, and what to offer to the cat spirit named Roadkill, which can unlock secret zones with special objects and new challenges.

"This is one story with complexity and nuance, and this little girl is a magical little witch" - Forbes

Key Features

  • A unique and dangerous fantasy world full of strange evil spirits

  • Outstanding graphic style - colorful locations with pleasant soft lighting

  • Two playable characters connected with unique physics-based swinging mechanics

  • Hidden treasures to discover and unveil secrets about Nyah’s past

  • Secret bonus levels with lots of new challenges to unlock

Little Bug is already available in the official Xbox Store. The game will soon receive its eShop page as well.

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