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🐻Let's Build a Zoo🐯 is here! Out now on Steam and Epic


Let's Build a Zoo, the zoo management sim that lets you breed any animal with any other animal, is now available for PC on Steam and the Epic Store, and costs $19.99 / £15.49 / 16.79 euros.

Ever wondered what an elephant's head would look like on the body of a badger? Well now you can find out!

Ever wanted to create your own bacon factory, or turn a bunch of snakes into belts? You can do that too!

Or maybe you're a kind soul, who wants to just give endangered animals huge, open spaces to roam, so they can breed in peace and then be released into the wild. That's also a possibility!

From development studio Springloaded Games and publishing label No More Robots, Let's Build a Zoo puts you in charge of your own animal sanctuary, where you can build beautiful enclosures and fill them with a whole host of different animals... or take your zoo down a sinister route, erecting factories and churning your livestock through various money-making schemes.


Let's Build a Zoo is simple enough on the surface that you can play as casually as you'd like, building a fancy zoo and keeping your guests happy. But for those players who like a deeper simulation, there are numerous underlying systems that can be utilized and explored.

Want to focus on conservation? Saving the planet? Farming? Going green? Going vegan? Stopping animals from going extinct? How about a focus on breeding every possible genome? Or perhaps you just want to keep the local transport system fully funded? There's so many different directions your zoo can take, and Let's Build a Zoo gives you the tools to pursue your specific goals.

Add to that hundreds of buildings, foliage, decorations, staff, guests and path types, and there are plenty of ways to really put your mark on your zoo.

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