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Let's Build a Zoo breaks even during first week on sale

Let's Build a Zoo, the zoo management sim from Springloaded Games and No More Robots, has made back its full development costs during its first week on sale, securing a bright future for the game.

Available on Steam and the Epic Store, Let's Build a Zoo has made nearly half a million dollars in its first week on sale, with 26% of those sales coming from the U.S.. Chinese players make up 15% of Let's Build a Zoo's playerbase, while Thailand is the game's third bigger supporter, with just over 13% of total players.

This all means that Let's Build a Zoo now has a great path ahead, with multiple content updates on the way -- including a brand new update today, that includes dozens of new features, fixes, and quality of life changes.

Work has also begun on new platforms for the game, with PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch editions coming in the new year.

From development studio Springloaded Games and publishing label No More Robots, Let's Build a Zoo puts you in charge of your own animal sanctuary, where you can build beautiful enclosures and fill them with a whole host of different animals... or take your zoo down a sinister route, erecting factories and churning your livestock through various money-making schemes.

Let's Build a Zoo is simple enough on the surface that you can play as casually as you'd like, building a fancy zoo and keeping your guests happy. But for those players who like a deeper simulation, there are numerous underlying systems that can be utilized and explored.

Want to focus on conservation? Saving the planet? Farming? Going green? Going vegan? Stopping animals from going extinct? How about a focus on breeding every possible genome? Or perhaps you just want to keep the local transport system fully funded? There's so many different directions your zoo can take, and Let's Build a Zoo gives you the tools to pursue your specific goals.

Add to that hundreds of buildings, foliage, decorations, staff, guests and path types, and there are plenty of ways to really put your mark on your zoo.

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