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KIXEYE’s Rise of Firstborn: Night Queen’s Titans Update Launches April 21st

The first major content drop coming to Rise of Firstborn in 2022 is almost here, with a new hero, upgraded Titan systems, and much more.

April 7, 2022 | KIXEYE is thrilled to announce the next update for Rise of Firstborn, formerly known as Ironthrone. Night Queen’s Titans is a massive content update to one of mobile gaming’s most popular real-time tactical PVP games. With a brand new hero, Fertina - Queen of the Night, joining the fray, players both new and returning will be rewarded with her for free for the first 7 days after release simply by logging in to celebrate the launch of this major new update.

As a member of the Mystical Union and the powerful matriarch of the Vlad Kingdom, Fertina seeks an alliance with the Descendants of the Firstborn. The Mystical Union is determined to help fight back and subdue the corrupted Infidus, and Fertina brings with her exciting advances and enhancements to Titan magic.

“The Night Queen’s Titans is the first major update for Rise of Firstborn since we took over the game late last year,” said Ryan Ward, COO of KIXEYE. “We think our players will enjoy the new systems we’re adding, the many quality of life improvements we’ve made - and we’re certain they’re going to love Fertina when they take her into battle!”

Alongside this powerful new hero, major improvements to the Titans - powerful PVP summons - have been made. New traits are available that will help keep a player’s Savior Titan alive longer, as well as a new function on the mini-map that shows where allied reinforcement Titans are deployed.

In addition to the new traits, there comes a brand new system: Titan Part Reinforcement. This system is unlocked when a Titan reaches 6 stars and allows for strategic choices on how a Titan is enhanced. Enhancement contributes to the overall power of a Titan, such as increasing Titan HP, increasing attack power, or reinforcing troops.

The full patch notes will be coming soon, and players will find them on the official Rise of Firstborn Discord server, as well as the official Facebook Page, when the time comes.

Download Rise of Firstborn now on iOS and Android!

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