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Japanese Indie Game Akindo - Merchant’s Road Now Available in English

Ueda City, Japan - April 11, 2022 | ZOO Games is pleased to announce the English release of "Akindo – Merchant's Road", a new F2P real-time battle RPG featuring elements of hero collectors, party based RPGs and city simulators. Originally available solely in ZOO’s home country of Japan, due to growing popularity, Akindo - Merchant’s Road will be available around the world in English beginning today on iOS and Android devices.

Following a destructive final battle between the evil Demon King and humankind, the world of Akindo is on the verge of collapse. The game puts you in the shoes of a humble traveling merchant who aims to rejuvenate their shattered world through commerce and combat.

Enlist a band of loyal adventures to protect you on your quest as you slay enemies and collect the materials necessary to build your trading empire. Establish new bases of operations in each new region you encounter, grow your encampments to rejuvenate the local population and provide your band of adventures with useful items, armor, weapons and upgrades.

Think you have what it takes to rebuild a dying world? Find out today in Akindo - Merchant’s Road from ZOO Games!

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