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Insomnis, Halloween night continues on Nintendo Switch.

Madrid. November 2nd 2022.

After announcing its release, the date has finally arrived: Insomnis is now available in digital version for Nintendo Switch worldwide, Meridiem Games makes it available on Nintendo eShop, and this will make it possible to extend your Halloween night as long as you want. In addition, in Asia it will also come to PS5. Finally you will be able to dive into Insomnis like those silly characters in scary movies who go down to the basement alone when the bad music plays.

Insomnis is a terrifying, puzzle-solving adventure game set in the chilling location of Castevet Manor. Developed by Path Games and distributed by Meridiem Games, it has received positive reviews from specialists and players around the world, and has been translated into 16 languages. The good thing about Insomnis coming to Nintendo Switch is the adaptation to the specific features of the Joy-Con system: HD vibration to reinforce scares and moments of terror, touch screen to interact with objects or solve puzzles, 720p resolution in portable mode and 1080p in Dock mode.

And what is Insomnis about? Jon Castevet has just inherited a large mansion. An old manor house full of mysteries that will make him descend into a pit of madness. With this classic premise, Insomnis presents an atmospheric horror narrative that will not leave you indifferent, accompanied by a fluid gameplay that will test your intelligence.

  • Insomnis Already Available on Nintendo Switch eShop.

  • Real terror: The atmosphere of the Castevet mansion will be changing until you wonder if it is not a nightmare what you are living. Worst of all, the monster chasing you is your own past.

  • Exploration: The walls of the mansion could be a metaphor for your own consciousness; you will have to explore both spaces to bring out the worst and the best in you.

  • Puzzles: Advance by using your wits to solve intriguing puzzles; in this house, everything is connected.

  • Multiple endings: Your decisions have consequences; they can even drive you to madness.

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