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Hush Hush Visual Novel Soundtrack Now Available

Composer team including Scarlet Moon's Dale North accompany lively cast of characters in Hush Hush, a follow-up to the hugely successful Crush Crush, which released last month! Check out the press release for the official game soundtrack which slipped through our emails last month!

SAN DIEGO - AUGUST 19, 2022 - Scarlet Moon is pleased to present the Hush Hush (Original Game Soundtrack) with music by Dale North, Chris Iskander, James Spanos, Felix Arifin, Alyx Jones, and Pau Damia Riera. Hush Hush is a follow-up to Sad Panda Studios's hit 2016 visual novel, Crush Crush, and follows the same charming cast of characters with all new mysteries to solve. The game will release on Steam and Steamdeck on this month and can be bundled with the soundtrack. The soundtrack is also available separately on all digital music storefronts:

Hush Hush (Original Game Soundtrack) on All Storefornts

Hush Hush (Original Game Soundtrack) on Steam

"The Hush Hush original soundtrack features fun, flirty, and exciting music with awesome summer vibes!" comments Sad Panda Studios head Morgan Long. "You're gonna feel like you're catching rays on the beach, grabbing a snack from the local bakery, or hanging out in your favorite old school arcade - all while secrets swirl and an atmosphere of mystery grows. With 49 unique tracks composed by Scarlet Moon and a variety of musical artists from around the world, this soundtrack will take you back to Hush Hush - and all the feels it gave you the first time around."

Learn more:

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