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Horror-themed adventure Saint Maker gets physical for Nintendo Switch

Pre-orders open with Playasia this week, physical edition includes bonus game Perfect Gold

Today we are proud to announce that dark religious horror adventure Saint Maker will soon receive physical release for Nintendo Switch, and yuri-themed visual novel Perfect Gold will also be included on the game card as a special bonus. Pre-orders for Saint Maker will open with online retail partner Playasia later this week on Thursday, October 19th at 11:00pm Hong Kong time (11:00am ET / 8:00am PT / 4:00pm UK).

From the creators of The Letter: A Horror Visual Novel comes a new critically claimed adventure. Saint Maker is a lovingly crafted, artfully illustrated tale with religious overtones, in which players are tasked with making critical decisions that could lead to multiple endings, some horrifying and others more hopeful. In this physical release, it is paired with another visual novel, Perfect Gold, which offers the stark contrast of lighthearted slice-of-life love between dual female protagonists in a fantasy setting. Both games are fully voiced in English by professional talent known for their roles in anime and video games.

Saint Maker is originally developed by Yangyang Mobile and will be published in physical release by eastasiasoft. Limited Editions of Saint Maker will include the game, manual, 2-CD soundtrack and numbered certificate in a collector’s box. Standard copies will also be available as an open pre-order.

Pre-order HERE!

About Saint Maker

What makes a saint? Fire to one’s face, wounds on one’s body, dying slowly from disease… history paints a grim picture. When Holly Beltran attends a religious recollection, she discovers the dark secrets that haunt the convent’s past.

At night, broken faced statues and whispered prayers haunt Holly’s dreams — before the recollection is over, Holly may have to face more than her own demons to come out alive. What happens when the faithful go too far? Includes bonus game Perfect Gold on card (no download required).

Key Features:

  • Experience a horror story rich with eerie religious iconography and psychological scares.

  • Navigate a tale of around 60,000 words and with 4-6 hours of estimated gameplay.

  • Interact with a cast of characters professionally voiced and brought to life in English.

  • Make key choices and discover multiple endings.

  • Witness the haunting setting of Saint Idelora's Convent with detailed backgrounds and CG scenes.

  • Immerse yourself in the horror with a haunting atmospheric soundtrack.

  • Enjoy bonus game Perfect Gold, a yuri visual novel about love and friendship.

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