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Game Music Pioneer Mustin Releases Unreleased Remixes From Past 20 Years

FAYETTEVLLE, AR - August 8, 2023 - Mustin Enterprises, LLC, is excited to release Loot Bag, a collection of 28 unreleased remixes, commercial scores, sound dramas, jingles, and ringtones written over the past 20-plus years and paying tribute to gaming's most iconic franchises. Arrangements include chilled out takes of Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man, Castlevania, and Animal Crossing as well as an arrangement of one of Shovel Knight composer Jake "virt" Kaufman earliest game scores, outtakes from 2019's RPG arrange album THE WORLD IS SQUARE, the Sunset Riders Fangamer commercial, and the musical backing to a 2002 The Legend of Zelda sound drama. The album is available for just $1 USD (essentially name your price) on Bandcamp:

Loot Bag by Mustin on Bandcamp

"I hope you enjoy this mixed bag of some unreleased and under-known full tracks, along with the unfinished ideas that will tickle your fancy," comments Mustin. "Several of these demos lead up to tracks you may now have on your playlists. Some are ideas from albums that didn’t make the final cut. And I’ve also included the previously-unreleased music from the Fangamer/Konami 'Sunset Riders' commercial. Please listen and enjoy."

About Mustin Enterprises, LLC

With over 50+ albums created from start-to-finish in styles ranging from gangster rap to solo piano, Mustin Enterprises is a well-established record label in the video game music arrangement scene and beyond. At the helm is Mustin - the one-named producer with credits including MTV2, Comedy Central, Konami, and Fangamer. Mustin consults on music licensing and promotion, and publishes work with a global artist network along with creating music for a variety of mediums.

Learn more:

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