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April 6th, 2023 — Guide your airship across an abandoned world in the sky in Floating Islands of Nucifera, releasing April 11th on Steam, with an Xbox version planned for release later in 2023.

Floating Islands of Nucifera is an open-world action shopkeeping game set in an abandoned world in the sky. With your father believed dead, the family business and its debt have been left in your hands. It is up to you to restore your father's old shop and turn it from an abandoned ruin into a thriving business.

Summon powerful creatures to protect and fight for you in turn-based combat and explore the dangerous and abandoned islands to retrieve loot to stock your shop. Design the layout of your shop, craft and set the pricing of your goods, and haggle with streetwise customers looking for a bargain to ensure you pay your debts on time to keep your father's business alive.


  • Complete quests to discover new and more challenging islands to explore.

  • Brave the monsters lurking on the islands and discover rare items and loot to sell in your shop.

  • Summon and level up powerful Champions to assist you in your expeditions.

  • Engage in exciting strategic turn-based combat with each foe and ally having their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Carefully decide what loot to take home and which to leave in the limited space on your airship.

  • Buy new airships and apply upgrades to travel fast and carry more loot home.

  • Design your shop's layout to create your dream fantasy store.

  • Set the prices of your goods and haggle wisely with your customers to pay your debts and keep your business operational.

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