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Evil Below - Review - PS4

From developer Fire Raven Studios and publisher Gammera Nest - Evil Below is a new first-person horror adventure game that combines classic horror game elements with a variety of puzzles and stealth sections. With a huge resurgence in the horror genre at the moment so I was looking forward to trying my hand at a new game.

The story in Evil Below sees you playing as a mother who is searching for her son after a car crash caused by animals running in-front of their car. As you wake up you must explore a strange, mysterious world filled with monsters in a bid to save your son.

Gameplay wise you will spend your time exploring 7 different interconnected environments in a semi-open world. These areas include forests, cave systems, abandoned villages and more. As you explore you will need to find and use a variety of weapons to protect yourself against some of the weird monsters that lurk around. You will also need to complete puzzles - with the controllers microphone also being used to solve them. Like other horror games you will have to manage your item inventory and you will also be able to upgrade your inventory as well as your health and stamina. If fighting your way through the enemies isn't working, then you have the ability to be more stealth and hide from trouble.

The game features multiple difficulty settings, so you can pick the experience that suits you the most. There are also multiple jump scares to be found during your playthrough.

Graphically the game is a mixed bag. The environments are decently detailed and varied, with each of the 7 areas being interesting enough to explore through. Unfortunately the character models are a mixed bag, with some of the enemies having unique designs but some of the characters you meet do look a little meh. The environments do have plenty of interactive assets as well as breakable items that can be smashed through.

Unfortunately the game falls foul of wonky physics and item interactions. Smashing through crates and barrels takes too long, especially when the game makes use of a stamina system, and when you bump into certain items they tend to go crazy with a mind of their own, very reminiscent of games on the PS2, PC in those early games when ragdoll physics where first being implemented into video games. It makes the game feel much older than it actually is.

In the end Evil Below is a mixed bag. It shows promise with some of it's mechanics - especially the use of the Playstation controller microphone, but ultimately it feels like a horror game you would have played a decade ago because of it's wonky physics and item issues. Grab it at the right price and you will get a good, yet short experience from it.


Evil Below was released onto the Playstation Store on the 17th February 2023. It's playable on PS4 and PS5 consoles. The game is priced at £15.99 and can be purchased HERE. A copy of the game was provided for this review. A huge thanks for that.

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