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Evasion from Hell – Review – Xbox

EpiXR Games have developed and released a whole host of games on Xbox in the last few years which are shorter, story focused games with pretty easy 1000g completions. Usually these are either games where you fly through levels (The Aery and Murder Diaries Series’) or they are first person, platform like games (The From Earth to Heaven Series). Their new game Evasion from Hell falls more into the latter and feels like it could be a sequel to the From Earth to Heaven games in how it plays. In the game you journey through the circles of hell, starting at the lowest circle and making your way up through the nine levels in order to escape and return to the world of the living. As with the Earth to Heaven games you play the game through a first-person perspective with plenty of challenging platforming thrown in.

Each of the 9 circles are huge, unique levels that have sprawling environments for you to explore. The environments are gorgeous and with the pleasant background music, you will usually find yourself just looking around the landscapes at times. In each of the levels there are 5 different platforming challenges you will need to work through as you collect soul crystals scattered about in order to open the portal which progresses you to the next circle. You can attempt these five challenges in any order and they consist of a variety of jumping and environmental puzzles. To aid your progression over these obstacles you will also be able to use tokens found at certain points to enable you to double jump across larger gaps. You are even able to combo them together to get multiple jumps at once if you can aim your jumps correctly.

You will find yourself dying quite abit, either by missing your jumps or falling off the sides of ledges and this will lead to you returning to the start of the levels. Whilst this can be annoying as you have to progress your way back to where you were upto, you at least get to keep any of the soul crystals you had already collected so at least its not a full write off.

Overall the gameplay is simple and easy to pick up but this game is a lot more challenging in the later levels than previous EpiXR Games releases. Once you get your head around the awkwardness of jumping in the first person perspective, you end up enjoying the fast-paced parkour action that the game has to offer and as for the achievements you should be able to grab them easy enough in 2-3 hours.

Total Score:


Evasion from Hell was released on 4th May 2022 and is playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S via backwards compatibility. The game can be purchased HERE for £8.39. The game is also available on PC and other consoles.

We were provided a copy of the game for this review. Big thanks for that!

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