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Dino Clash Update Roars to Life with New Content

SEATTLE - June 13, 2022 | Neowiz, a leader in innovative multi-platform titles, is thrilled to announce the release of the first Dino Clash update less than a month after launch. Millions of players around the world will be able to experience thrilling new ways to play thanks to the addition of an all-new dinosaur and a brand new soldier. Developers are eager to thank the community for their support and are pulling out all the stops in celebration of the patch launch.

Here’s what’s inside the update:

  • The Brachiosaurus is a giant dinosaur that possesses terrifying stomping skills to flatten enemy resistance.

  • The White Mage soldier with electrifying high damage abilities that paralyzes enemies thanks to lightning strikes.

  • Each stage in both Expedition and Volcano modes have been expanded.

To celebrate the launch of this big update, Neowiz is gifting every player with a special coupon for 1,000 Gems. Players will need to log in before June 30th to claim this awesome prize.

Neowiz is excited by the reception that Dino Clash has received since its launch. Players on both Google Play and on the App Store have left thousands of positive reviews. The team is deeply invested in working with the community to ensure that the game meets expectations as well as to work cooperatively to provide information on updates, events, and more all in real-time.

About Dino Clash

Dino Clash is a merge battle RPG set in primitive times in which players build and strategically maintain armies composed of cavemen. Players will reinforce their army and upgrade its strength, by continually merging their soldiers to keep them getting stronger! Using stone axes and prehistoric magic spells, players will work to destroy an opponent’s army before they are stomped out themselves. During PvE action, players are tasked to build and protect a base while taking on Dinosaur bosses to collect unique skills once defeated. Those with a competitive spirit can take on players around the world in intense PvP battles that allow for rank advancement, a spot on the leaderboard, and the chance to take part in special event battles.

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