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Dandy & Randy DX Announce release 29th April 2022 (Xbox/PC/Steam/PS4)

25th April 2022, Indie publisher Ratalaika Games, together with Brazil indie

developer Asterstic Game Studio, today announced the digital release of Dandy & Randy DX for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. Steam PC and Nintendo Switch set for April 29th 2022.

A real cutesy action adventure puzzler that draws inspiration from old fashioned gaming fun and a challenge with Dandy and Randy, the main cast, can be played alone or with a friend to double the excitement in co-op mode!

Don't Get Fooled Again

Don't be fooled by its simplistic look and design, for humour, interaction and a host of puzzle solving and collecting of goodies heads the list of intrigue, all encased within a very colourful world.

Dandy and Randy are two archeologists who owe a ton of money to a huge bank. They’re on the brink of bankruptcy, until one day they get a promotional flyer mentioning riches in a faraway island. They have no other option but to check it out!

The Perfect Duo

Dandy Duck- The main character is a pink duck who loves archeology and discovering new things. He also loves not being in debt, which hasn’t happened in a while. Randy Rabbit - the blue bunny, is Dandy’s partner. He loves technology and flying his plane. He also loves adventure!

Boo for the Baddies

A host of enemies will confront our duo including : Otto the Octopus - The first boss of the game, Otto is part of the NoGood pirates - who are also on the island, wreaking havoc.

Bruno the Bear - is another pirate from the NoGood gang. Natalia NoGood - Boss of the NoGood pirates. She’s also on the island searching for riches, and will allow nothing to stand in her way.

Grab goodies like a boomerang that allows the players to stun enemies and can also be used to grab health pickups and coins from afar. Find a hammer to break stones, allowing the players to find more money and open up paths. Hookshot - With a hookshot the players are able to cross dangerous swamp areas. Best of all running shoes makes the players run faster, helping avoid dangerous situations and solve quick puzzles. So much to do so look out!

Lots of Features:

Lots of Routes

Lots of Equipment

Lots of Enemies

Lots of Goodies

Lots of Unlockable Characters

Lots of Puzzles

Get rich or die trying! 🤑😵

  • This game is based on and inspired by a true story of bankruptcy!

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