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Crowfall is Now Free to Try

PvP styled massively multiplayer game launches freemium service and lowers price point; small scale PvP options, streamlined new player experience part of major update

AUSTIN, Texas, November 8, 2021—ArtCraft Entertainment, creators of the PvP MMO game, Crowfall, is lowering the price of the game and providing all new players a chance to try the game for free. Crowfall’s freemium plan provides new players a 10-day free trial. After that, players purchase the game for the low price of $14.99 and play forever. The new service comes as ArtCraft launches a major update today for Crowfall. “We know that the free trial will be a huge draw for many MMO players,” said Gordon Walton, ArtCraft’s executive producer. “We’ve also made some very significant upgrades to the game in this latest update. We’ve streamlined the new player experience and we are now allowing for smaller scale PvP experiences. Crowfall was developed with large-scale PvP (100s of players) siege combat as a key goal and we achieved that. Now we’ve added smaller team size PvP options to accommodate the guilds our players are in. We listened to our player feedback and we are delivering what they have asked for.”

Guilds of 20-50 people can now siege and hold forts in Crowfall without being overrun by bigger guilds. Guilds of 10-25 can affect the game outcome by holding small forts, mines, and outposts and denying them to other factions. The game’s Alliance system has been expanded so smaller guilds can band together to take on even the biggest guilds on an even footing. “Crowfall was created primarily with the idea of large-scale PVP siege combat as the focus,” said Walton. “While that is definitely fun for a certain subset of the audience, there are other groups of players who want to be able to play with their smaller guilds and not get obliterated. In an open world game, it is extremely difficult to encourage what seems like a fair fight from a small guild perspective.”

Additionally, the update streamlines the initial new player experience and adds a ‘fast pass’ new player experience for the impatient experts to get them to PvP as soon as possible. Other updated features include:

  • Dramatically improved chat user experience featuring player configurability and overall utility

  • New map features to support a host of new navigation and performance improvements

  • Campaign rewards for the guilds/factions which are much more valuable

  • Expanded our Crow recruit “buddy” program to provide more rewards to the buddy and player who invites them to the game

  • Significant improvements for the Eternal Kingdom and Crafting games

  • Added more quality-of-life elements from player requests

To kick off the update Crowfall is bringing back the ‘Decapathon’ event. Always a fan favorite, the event will run from November 8 into mid-December. Players unleash their axes to take the head of any enemy they defeat in PvP and then sacrifice those heads to the Gods. There is a ‘Decapathon’ leaderboard for this event so the most effective PvP players can be known to all!

Are you ready to join the battle? Visit

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