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Crossroads Inn: The Innkeepers’ Creed - Fantasy Innkeeper Sim's board game Kickstarter Launches May

Warsaw, Poland | May 26th, 2022 - Klabater invites players behind the bar to support a new Kickstarter Campaign for their euro-style, engine-building board game Crossroads Inn. The Innkeepers’ Creed is a medieval-inspired fantasy strategy game where 2-4 players become competing innkeepers; played across 3 boards using a mixture of tiles, cards, tokens and pawns that represent your inn, your eclectic clientele and you. The goal? Use every tactic at your disposal to make your inn better designed, more reputable, and more prestigious than the competition in a bid to take a shot at seizing the throne of Yorevale itself!


Every Good Story Starts Out in an Inn…

Go flagon to flagon against friends and family as an ambitious innkeeper, growing their taverns and attracting customers from all over the world. Pursue fame, fortune, and renown with your own inn - and, perhaps, make a play for the throne too!

Furnish, hire staff, and cook exquisite meals to satisfy guests from various social groups. Anticipate and block actions of rival players. There can only be one Innkeeper to rule them all!

  • 2 - 4 Players

  • Ages 12 +

  • Playthrough time: 90 - 120 minutes

Why Pledge Now?

  • Support us on Kickstarter to play as medieval Innkeepers - our board game is a Kickstarter exclusive you won’t find in retail!

  • Be the first ones to play, review and embody medieval alewives and cooks - an original idea adapted from our own video game and not available beyond the fundraiser.

  • Explore unique board game mechanics not seen in any other title from euro-tycoon and see what board games can offer beyond the known and familiar.

Help us better the game by unlocking additional content, stretch goals and explore the world of Yorevale beyond your imagination. CHECK OUT OUR FIRST IMPRESSIONS OF THE VIDEO GAME ON XBOX:

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