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Crayola Scoot - Review - Xbox One

Crayola Scoot is a colorful, kid-friendly game that offers a unique take on the scooter racing genre. Players compete in a series of races and challenges, using their scooters to perform tricks, earn points, and ultimately claim victory.

The game's graphics are bright, colorful, and engaging, with a whimsical, cartoonish style that perfectly captures the fun and lighthearted spirit of the Crayola brand. The soundtrack is upbeat and catchy, with a variety of upbeat tunes that are sure to get players' toes tapping.

Gameplay in Crayola Scoot is simple and easy to pick up, with intuitive controls that allow players to pull off a variety of tricks and stunts with ease. The game also features a variety of customization options, allowing players to personalize their scooters and their characters with a range of fun and creative accessories.

Crayola Scoot offers several game modes that provide different challenges and experiences for players that include but aren't limited to:

  1. Story Mode - In this mode, players compete in a series of races against AI opponents to become the ultimate Scoot Legend. Each race has different objectives and challenges, such as performing a certain number of tricks or reaching the finish line before your opponents.

  2. Trick Run - In Trick Run, players race against the clock to perform as many tricks and stunts as possible within a set time limit. Points are awarded for each successful trick, with bonus points for chaining together multiple tricks in a row.

  3. Color Frenzy - In this mode, players must race around a track and paint as much of the environment as possible with their scooter's color. The player with the most painted area at the end of the race wins.

  4. Free Play - Free Play mode allows players to explore the game's open-world environments and experiment with different tricks and stunts at their own pace, without the pressure of competition or objectives.

Each game mode offers a unique and enjoyable experience, and players can choose to play them in single-player mode or multiplayer mode, either online or locally with friends.

The controls in Crayola Scoot are simple and intuitive, making it easy for players of all ages and skill levels to pick up and play. The game also offers a tutorial mode that teaches players the basics of the controls and how to perform tricks and stunts.

Overall, Crayola Scoot is a fun, colorful, and creative game that is sure to appeal to kids and adults alike. With its engaging gameplay, catchy soundtrack, and colorful graphics, it's a great addition to any family-friendly gaming library. Crayola Scoot has unfortunately been delisted from digital store fronts but physical copies can still be purchased on Xbox One as well as other consoles.

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