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Conquer the world with giant monsters - Kaiju Commander is heading for PC

Kaiju is one of the phenomena of modern cinema, which history dates back to the 1950s. Godzilla, which was the forerunner of the genre, was a manifesto against nuclear weapons. Over the years, sequels and spinoff films approached the subject from many angles, providing viewers with more entertainment and struggles with great monsters trying to destroy humanity. In Kaiju Commander, the player will have the opportunity to take control of these creatures and guide them in their goal to wipe out humanity.

Kaiju, or giant monsters as a movie genre, was initiated by Godzilla - a film by Toho studio in the mid-1950s. However, over the years, interest in this type of cinematography began to decline. The phenomenon of great monsters returned with doubled force thanks to American films in which great robots struggled with equally great monsters. However, since the premiere of the film, there has been no game that would allow you to assume the role of a Kaiju commander and attempt to exterminate humanity. Only Kaiju Commander, a game developed by the Warsaw-based Gameparic studio, will give players such an opportunity.

In Kaiju Commander, the player takes the position of the manager of a corporation seeking to conquer humanity using Kaiju, giant monsters inspired by Japanese films. Players will be given many tools that will allow them to manage the network of bases but will also let them tinker with the genotype of monsters. This will allow them to create monsters with a different appearance but also one with unique abilities. Thanks to this, it will be easier for players to fulfill their goals, and - at the very end - to achieve the main goal which is to conquer the world. The first trailer of Kaiju Commander will be available on November 25, 2021. In 2022 Gameparic will give the players the opportunity to test the demo version of the game. The premiere of the full version is scheduled for the first quarter of 2023. It is already possible to add a game to your wishlist via Steam - this will allow you to gain access to the latest information about the game.

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