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BUILD IT, BATTLE IT - BACK IT! Smack Studio is coming to Kickstarter

SEATTLE, WA - February 1st, 2022 - We’re launching a Kickstarter! 2D platform fighter Smack Studio is making waves in the fighting game community, and we need your help. Smack Studio allows you to create your own fighters and stages to create the most wonderful mix of competition and creativity. The early access version of the game is currently available on Steam for 19.99$ USD - but backers at the 15$ dollar tier and above on Kickstarter can also get immediate access!

Smack Studio is a 2.5D sandbox platform fighting game with powerful built-in creation tools, allowing players to draw and animate their own pixel art characters. Our goal with Smack Studio is to allow players to customize nearly every aspect of the game, including stages, movesets, special effects, character abilities, and game modes. Players will also have the option to download creations made by others in the community, meaning that players who aren’t interested in creating their own content can still have a blast while exploring a potentially unlimited amount of characters and stages from other creators.

Get familiar with the game by setting up tournaments with your friends using the existing roster and stagelist - each character has a unique playstyle, so find one that suits you! Granite is our heavy hitter, literally. Kaien has that certain “kid who does karate” flavor with his fiery flurry of punches and kicks.. Cora uses her agility to get in close and shred you while the elusive Spry is more of a glass cannon - just make sure you don’t get hit.


* Eight player offline versus modes

* Gameplay designed for competitive matches

* Devastating Ultra Attacks

* Play using any USB controller

* Character and Stage editors

* Custom animations, artwork, textures and more

Smack Studio on Kickstarter:

Smack Studio Kickstarter Trailer:

Smack Studio on Steam:

Smack Studio Website:

Smack StudioTwitter:

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