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Black Desert’s New Drakania Class is coming to Console on May 25

Character precreation starts today alongside the revamped monster zone ‘Abandoned Monastery’ that offers a unique co-op experience

Amsterdam, The Netherlands - May 11, 2022 – Today, Korean developer and publisher Pearl Abyss announced that Black Desert’s latest class Drakania is making her way to Black Desert Console on May 25. Players can now start pre-creating their Drakania character. Additionally, the updated monster zone ‘Abandoned Monastery’ now offers a co-op experience.

Drakania is a female class who wields the power of a dragon with a massive double-handed sword Slayer and a sub weapon Shard. Beginning today, Black Desert Console players can start pre-creating their Drakania character and receive various in-game rewards including enhancement materials that will help them prepare for her release on May 25. As a part of the update, the game will also introduce the new season server ‘Season: Drakania’, which is specifically designed to help players achieve faster character growth. In the season server, players will receive various rewards and buffs once they complete a set of missions.

In addition to the new class update, Pearl Abyss is excited to reveal the updated ‘Abandoned Monastery’, a monster zone within Black Desert’s Calpheon region. This monster zone has been revamped and features co-op play, with added chances of a boss spawn. Players can now enjoy more competitive gameplay with their friends at the Abandoned Monastery and cooperate to defeat monsters and obtain their loot. Last but not least, players will also have an opportunity to acquire a new accessory, which will provide adventurers with a variety in gear planning and higher accuracy stats.

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