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Anyone's Diary: A re-release of the PSVR-exclusive game, never before released outside Europe

Are you looking forward to virtual reality leading to the most immersive gaming experiences we've ever known? You may not have to wait much longer. The re-release of Anyone's Diary, developed by World Domination Project and distributed by Gammera Publishing, is an example of what a VR game can achieve. Next September 14, this title will return to PlayStation Store with several optimizations: resolution increase, better performance, new avatars and soundtrack. An experience that will only be possible inside your PSVR goggles.

From August 18th you will be able to pre-order Anyone's Diary in your PlayStation Store wishlist. You'll find it in two formats: standalone release for $9,99, or in a bundle that includes additional content, such as avatars and soundtrack, for $14,99. So why should you add it to your wishlist? Here are some arguments.

In it, a silent character, without age, gender or identity, will have to go through a gloomy city. And here's the first surprise: Anyone's Diary does not offer a first-person control as usually expected from any VR game. On the opposite, this character is part of a world that we have to watch from the fence, in third person. And what is the role of the player, then? Act as a kind of almighty deity with the ability to build and deconstruct to ease the protagonist's journey in his search for an enemy that keeps him trapped in the dark. What are his secrets?

To unveil them, you will have to interact with the scenarios, solve puzzles based on creativity, and build your own path through dark places, crossing spectacular landscapes and living magical moments, and according to how you solve the puzzles, you will be able to see a different ending of the story.

Special mention deserves the soundtrack, which can be found in the bundle and can be listened on Spotify. Damián Sánchez, the author, is a composer and audio director of the Madrid studio Crema, which has achieved several successes in the field of video games and performing arts (Max award for Mulïer).

Featured Content:

  • PS VR exclusive.

  • Optimized performance and game resolution (1080p).

  • Combination of 3D and handcrafted scenarios, merged through the magic of virtual reality.

  • Puzzles that will test your intelligence through an unforgettable story.

  • Re-playability, the game features two endings.

  • An outstanding soundtrack.

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